Dedicated to publicising the
23 Parachute Field Ambulance Old Comrades Association

This Association encompasses any member or ex member of any Rank, Trade or Cap Badge  who has been on the establishment of an Airborne Medical Unit


We have a current membership of over 300 serving TA and Regular ex-members with 23pfaoca Badgea service time frame from the initial units formed in 1944 up to the current 16 Close Support Medical Regiment with its integral 144 Para Medical Squadron volunteers, Parachutists, Air-landing and Non Parachutist but all members have served on the working establishment of a British Airborne Medical Unit. We try to bind members together with the production of at least three Newsletters per year plus at least two opportunities to get together one at either end of the country namely London and Carlisle, furthermore we try to put members in contact  with each other by acting as an intermediary for them. Members are requested to promote the Association with any of their pals by giving them our contact details.

Roy HatchTheir Current Secretary and webmaster is Roy Hatch B E M TD, who started life as an ex Grenadier Guardsman of 6 Years (1966-72)leaving as a LSgt. He commenced his airborne life when he joined 144 Parachute Field Ambulance (TA) 44Parachute Brigade(TA) in 1972 as a non Medically trained Soldier who not only qualified as a paramedic but was eventually awarded the B E M while a S/Sgt.

He was commissioned from WO2 to become a Lt Admin Officer, who was then promoted to Capt holding the posts of Recruit Training Officer, Air Ops Officer and in the new formation as Squadron 2ic finally retiring in 2010.

He now serves the Bedworth Parachute Regimental Association branch as treasurer and is now taking the helm of the 23PFA Old Comrades Association. Support him well and remember where we came from Go! Go! Go!

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